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Click the links below to be directed to the Pilestone UK site or EyeQue site to complete a free online color-blind test.  After completing the test(s) you can return to the Pilestone Canada site for ordering to avoid UK taxes, international shipping, currency exchange, and duty charges:

Message from Pilestone Canada CEO about online computer testing:


I have been asked several times to share my experience using online testing.  I myself am colorblind and have tried on many glasses and done multiple tests with Pilestone glasses and “other” companies' glasses.  After using Pilestone for 1 year I can say they all work, some better than others depending on your type of disability…..however, they are not a “cure” they are an enhancement for colors I have difficulty seeing.

  • The glasses I use improves my color vision of about 80-90%. 


This is a very subjective observation as I can’t see through your eyes and you can’t see through mine.  I have done the online color blind tests without my glasses and with my glasses on and the results vary depending on the glasses


  • I use a computer I use to do the test.  Without my glasses, I get 3 right out of 13 slides.  With my TYPE A glasses I get 4-5 right using my Dell laptop for the test.  Using TYPE D  glasses I get 11 right out of 13 slides using my Dell laptop screen.  However, when I use my Apple iMac computer for testing I still get 4-5 right with TYPE A but NOW ONLY 4-5 right WITH TYPE D!!  What the heck happened?? 


  • My results were wildly different depending on what computer I used.  The color, luminance, etc of each computer monitor affects the colors on the screen which changes the outcomes of the test.   


After I bought my first glasses I used the “computer test” to determine if the glasses work after purchasing them.  I now believe this is not as important as wearing them and asking yourself, do they help?


  • Can I see colors I couldn’t see before?


The test I propose you use to determine whether they work for you is to ask a friend who is not colorblind, what is that color you are looking at.  If you can now see a color with the glasses on,  that your friend sees, that you couldn’t see before without the glasses, then they work!!  I know this is not scientific, however, after trying on all types of glasses and doing multiple tests on different computers this is what I do.   I am a retired RN and not an optometrist.  It really comes down to, do they work in my real world?   


I love my glasses and I continue to be amazed by how much I now see that I couldn’t see before.  The best place to test them is outside on a sunny day…. go for a walk in the neighborhood, look at stop signs, flowers, cars, sunsets,  but take a friend with you who can confirm what you believe you are seeing.  One other thing.  I never cried when I first tried on my glasses much to my family’s disappointment who were all recording my reaction on video ;)  I hope this helps to demystify the glasses and create a realistic expectation.

  • Please use the online test to only determine if you are color-blind and help guide you to chose what type of lens to purchase.


Jim Millington CEO

Pilestone Canada