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Lens Type: A

This is our most popular lens type and will give the best results for the vast majority of people’s red-green color blindness. Suitable for mild/moderate deutan and protan.

Lens Type: B

This lens type is similar to type A but will effectively give an extra ‘boost’ of color. Suitable for strong/severe deutan and protan.

Lens Type: C (indoor lens)

This model works best for indoors or in any lower lighting conditions. Suitable for mild/moderate deutan and protan.

Lens Type: D

This lens is specifically designed for the more less common subtype of red-green color blindness that is protanomaly/protanopia which tends to affects reds more than greens. Suitable for strong/severe protan color blindness.

Lens Type: E

This lens is suitable for Tritanomaly or Tritanopia that affects blues and yellows.



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