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TYPE B TP-030 Children's Color Blind Glasses



TO ORDER FROM AMAZON CLICK HERE Is your son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandson, granddaughter, or any child you know suffer from color blindness? If so, they’ll love our titanium coated TP-030 model glasses that help them see the clear and vibrant colors in the world. All while protecting their delicate eyes from damaging UV rays in the process.


Lens: Type B

Suitable for strong-severe deutan color blindness and strong-severe protan color blindness


Key Features

  • Full protection against harmful UV rays.
  • Advanced light-filtering technology.
  • Outdoor & Indoor technology.
    • All of our glasses are designed specifically for bright outdoor environments, however, we have implemented all of our glasses with the optimal indoor technology to help detect colors in lower lighting conditions.
  • Children's design.
  • Titanium coated.


Adding a prescription

If you want to add a regular prescription (+$70) or progressive prescription (+$140) to your color blind glasses then please select from one of the options above. After purchasing your glasses please contact us here and include your prescription and your order number. (Please allow approx 15 days for delivery with prescription color blind glasses).

All prescription glasses are non-refundable - if you are worried you may have the wrong model for your color blindness then please buy non-prescription first to test the glasses and then return for a refund and buy again with your prescription - thank you.



  • Width: 124mm
  • Arm: 136mm
  • Depth: 33mm