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Gift Guide

Give a friend or loved one the gift of color and change their world forever!

Pilestone understands that you want to make this the perfect surprise, that's why we've put together this all-in-one gift guide to help ensure you get the right pair!


Firstly, you're going to have to do some detective work and find out the answer to the following question...


1. What type of color blindness does the giftee have, deutan or protan? 


There are two main types of red-green color blindness the giftee may have:

  1. Deuteranomaly/Deuteranopia (Otherwise known as 'deutans' which affects 6% of the world's population)
  2. Protanopia/Protanomaly (Otherwise known as 'protans' which affects 2% of the world's population)
  3. Tritanopia is a condition where a person cannot distinguish between blue and yellow colors. Impaired blue and yellow vision is the main symptom that is associated with this condition. However, people with Tritanopia have normal red and green vision.

After finding out the giftee's type of color blindness, refer to the table below.

Still Unsure?

Please choose Pilestone's lens TYPE A which will give great results for the vast majority of the color blind community. Or select lens TYPE B if you believe the giftee's color blindness to be strong-severe as lens B will effectively give an extra 'boost' of color